Privacy Policy

As an individual accessing the website, you have the right to be informed about your data rights and provide consent. This privacy policy was created to inform you that we capture analytics of usage by visitors to our website. We do this in aggregate and the data that we collect does not identify any individual or visitor.   In addition to collecting the number of visitors, hits, clicks, download, time spent at the site, also provides an opportunity for interested parties to subscribe to future notices and information regarding and the Mycoses Study Group Education and Research Consortium, it’s parent professional organization. For subscriptions, we collect and store two pieces of personal data: Name and Email address. Be assured that your personal data is only used to support our customer relationship with you an interested member of the Mycoses community and an individual interested in the knowledge and information shared on

DRFUNGUS.ORG does not sell, rent, or lease any personal data collected from visitors subscribing to the website. The Mycoses Study Group Education and Research Consortium (MSGERC)’s Board of Directors and Committees work closely with its association management company as Data Controllers to evaluate and determine what data is collected from our visitors to the website and those requesting information through subscription on and therefore MSGERC.


Data Controllers for the website are:

MSGERC Board of Directors
461 Cochran Rd., #246
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
+1 412-343-2235
Representative: Current President through

Kassalen Meetings & Events, LLC

300 Mt. Lebanon Blvd, Ste. 209B
Pittsburgh, PA 15234
+1 412-343-2437
Representative: Beth A. Kassalen

DRFUNGUS.ORG wants to inform those providing personal data for subscription purposes that data provided will be shared with the following third-party processors for the following purposes:


  • Distributing information on the website, Clinical Mycology, MSGERC activities and events, newsletters, case studies, white papers and similar mycoses-related materials – through a web-based electronic publications and marketing package subscription.
  • Analysis and use by MSGERC Board members, committee chairpersons, and committee members who volunteer to review, analyze, and make decisions based on the data analytics collected on DRFUNGUS.ORG in consideration of MSGERC activities, mission, goals, and strategic plan.


Personal data and information may cross borders, depending on the home country of the individual, using web-based products and communication software packages mentioned above.

Subscribers who enter their personal data at have the following rights:

Right to Access: all DRFUNGUS.ORG subscribers provide only their Name and Email address so they know exactly what personal is stored in our systems. While subscribers cannot access their information, they may contact one of the Controllers to request removal or may ‘unsubscribe.’

Right to Rectification: all DRFUNGUS.ORG subscribers have the right to contact the data Controller(s) listed above to rectify and/or correct any information that is incorrect within their personal data record.

Right to Erasure: all DRFUNGUS.ORG subscribers have the right to contact, in writing, the data Controller(s) and request total erasure of their personal data record. DRFUNGUS.ORG will comply in a timely manner and individual will receive notice that the erasure is completed and cannot be undone.

Right to Object Processing: prior to entering subscription data, a notice to read this Privacy Policy will be a required field and a link will be provided to this document. Everyone has the right to refuse to agree with our Privacy Policy by not providing consent (NOT checking the box.) If the individual chooses to not provide consent, they will not have further ability to continue entering their Name and Email address and will not receive future or MSGERC materials and communications.

Right to Restrict Processing: all subscribers have the right to restrict processing of personal data through some web-based communications systems used by MSGERC, through its relationship with These web-based communication systems distribute information on activities, events, and new materials posted to Individuals can avoid having their information processed for electronic communications by opting out of the various software packages listed above which are used for communications. By doing so, the individual waives the right to receive electronic communications, including the ability to receive an notices or announcements. Instead, the individual can return to the website by choice and view the notices and announcements.

Right to Data Portability: all subscribers have the right to request copy of all personal records and data being stored by DRFUNGUS.ORG by contacting the Controller(s) listed above. This data will consist only of the individuals Name and Email address. Data will be electronically sent to the individual via electronic means, in a portable format using as MS Excel, Word or similar software package.

Right to Withdraw Consent: all subscribers who have, in the past, consented to DRFUNGUS.ORG’s Privacy Policy may withdraw their consent to the processing of data by contacting the Controller(s) listed above.

Right to Lodge a Complaint with the Supervisory Authority: all subscribers who have data stored by DRFUNGUS.ORG have the right to notify the Controllers listed above, send a written complaint to the address listed above, phone the headquarters office at the phone number listed above, or to contact any MSGERC board members listed on the MSGERC website.