About Us

Who are we?

MSGERC DoctorFungus (Doctor Fungus) is the Educational and Community Resource for the Mycoses Study Group Education and Research Consortium(MSGERC), a non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization that is dedicated to research and education related to  invasive fungal infections. Doctor Fungus serves the broader community of users including physician colleagues, investigators and scientists involved in mycological science, research and clinical care. Educational resources are currently expanding and will be available and of interest across disciplines, including interested members of the community, health care advocates, teachers and those involved in development and analysis of healthcare policy.

Take a moment to bookmark the DoctorFungus website and let us help you stay engaged and up to date in the world of medical mycology.

Our Story

The MSGERC emerged from the earlier Mycoses Study Group (MSG) that developed and conducted clinical trials and epidemiology studies of invasive fungal infections.  The MSG emerged as an NIH-funded clinical trial group in 1978 under the direction of William E. Dismukes, MD.  Through a series of competitive awards, the MSG continued its contributions to mycology. The group worked on a series of 5-year contracts with NIH until the end of 2005.  MSG studies continued; however, it lacked the supported infrastructure previously offered through the NIH contract.  The MSGERC became a non-profit organization in 2014 to formalize a structure for continued clinical research study development, data review committees, advisory activities, education, and advocacy.

Relaunching Doctor Fungus

Between 2005 and 2016, the DoctorFungus website became dormant with the competing career evolution of the site’s principle leaders as well as a general lull in anti-fungal drug development. During that time period, a myriad of websites (some monetized and containing viruses) have emerged containing some of the earlier DoctorFungus materials.

As multiple requests for updates and with encouragement from infectious disease investigators and laboratories we were urged to re-launch. We agreed that letting this previous hard work go dormant was difficult to observe.  Therefore, with the formation of the new MSGERC in 2014, our mission to update and relaunch Doctor Fungus became a critical goal.

The compilation of mycology information contained herein includes combinations of older content from the earlier Doctor Fungus site, now paired with emerging updates. New material is being continuously revised and updated by key opinion leaders in medical mycology and the Doctor Fungus Editorial Team. We are also featuring Doctor Fungus “Case of the Month”, extensive fungal resources, important research news, information on emerging fungal infections, and features from other medical mycology groups.  We will also provide links to continuing education events and conferences.

Who should follow DoctorFungus?

The information provided in this web site is primarily intended for physicians, scientists, medical students, laboratory professionals and epidemiologists. However, the introductory material has been written with minimal medical terminology so that it can be used by those patients who wish to further their understanding of their illnesses, and community providers who care for patients facing mycology diagnoses.

We ask that all visitors to the website understand that medical situations are complex and this web site is not a substitute for good clinical judgement and consultation with an experienced infectious disease physician.  Please read our LEGAL INFORMATION page to understand and agree to the limitations of this site.

Acknowledging the Original DoctorFungus

The new DoctorFungus could not be relaunched without the amazing educational and editorial compilations of the Early Doctor Fungus Editorial Board and Editors consisted of collaborators on three continents and a dedicated web designer. We remember the excitement as this website came to initial fruition. An abstract (below) describing the entire process of establishing and building the website to aid other groups endeavoring to launch something similar. The internet was relatively a new tool then.  This good work provided a structure for tackling the new updates for this site.

  • Rex JH, McGinnis M, Arikan S, Rodríguez-Adrián L, Kirsch M. Building a Medical Education Website: Lessons Learned From The DoctorFungus Website. 41st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Chicago, IL, Abstract 273, December 2001. (See photo below from the 2001 ICAAC booth featuring the launch)

Our Content

Within this website you will find a large amount of information in several key areas:

  • Knowledge Base contains multiple searchable pages (See Drop Down Menu on the Knowledge Base tab) that includes information on mycoses, treatments, diagnostics, nomenclature, among other things.  This area also include links to important Mycology websites.
  • Educational Resources– point back to MSGERC Educational activities, funguscme.org and other offerings including the recorded videos of the 2016 Biennial Meeting at Asilomar.
  • Case of the Month– will feature a new monthly case submitted by our many contributors, like you.
  • Contributors– Features information on how you can contribute to the MSGERC websites
  • Sponsors– our website sponsors are featured on this page.  We are currently soliciting additional sponsors and welcome featuring these on this page as well as a means for MSGERC Doctor Fungus donations and financial contributions.

Would You Like to Help?

Doctor Fungus actively seeks contributions from our mycology colleagues. If there is a section of the site where you would like to see additional information, where you have photos you would like to include, a case of the month to present, editorial comments, edits, or suggestions, we’d love to include it here. We will provide authorship recognition to all contributions, including photographs.  We also hope that you will spread the word and join our Twitter feed at @DrFungus_MSGERC.  We value the ongoing and close collegiality among our fellow mycology experts. Please write to us at  feedback@msgercdoctorfungus.com to submit your comments and contributions.

Doctor Fungus gratefully acknowledges the financial contributions for this project received from our dedicated Sponsors, especially Astellas who gave us a major jumpstart for this initial re-launch!


DoctorFungus Editorial Team, 2017