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We invite you to contribute: cases of the month; educational presentations; interesting publication citations with links to PubMed.

How does your contribution work?

  • Slide presentations: send as a PDF.
  • Published articles: send the citation with PubMed link to abstract.
  • Special workshops/symposia and we typically link those to the website.

We cannot post images or full publications that are copyrighted unless you have obtained written permission from the copyright owner.

To provide a Case of the Month, please see the page “Case of the Month” to view current offerings and to obtain the template for cases. We ask that you include images as separate, numbered jpegs.

Download Case of the Month Template (Word Document)

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MSGERC Patient Advocacy: The Face of Fungal Infections

Coming Soon!  In keeping with our mission to support patient advocacy, we are beginning to develop the patient experience through The Face of Fungal Infection and other patient advocacy materials on the website. Please interview your patients who would like to share their stories and patient perspectives.


In addition to the vast KNOWLEDGE BASE found in MSGERC Doctor Fungus and the Mycology Case of the Month; several educational offerings are available through the MSGERC website. provides links to live and enduring continuing medical information offerings produced by Terranova Medica LLC.

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The inaugural Biennial Meeting of the MSGERC Clinical Mycology Today 2016– was held on September 20-23, 2016 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA, USA.  All video presentations and slide pdfs from this meeting are viewable here.

The 2nd Biennial Meeting of the MSGERC was held on September 25-28, 2018 in Big Sky, Montana. Video Lectures are located here.

MSGERC DoctorFungus Editorial Board

The re-launch of MSGERC DoctorFungus has been a labor of love and includes untold hours of writing, researching, and re-writing.  A dedicated team has taken the lead, but we also need you!

The Editorial Board of MSGERC Doctor Fungus is expanding.  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a contributing content editor or member of this dedicated Editorial Board.

Current Editorial Board Members are:

George R. Thompson, MD, Editor in Chief

Tom Patterson, MD, Editor in Chief

Peter G. Pappas, MD (Case of the Month)

Joe Vazquez, MD (Case of the Month)

Carol Kauffman, MD (Treatment)

Nathan Wiederhold, Pharm.D., (Nomenclature)

John Baddley, MD, MSPH (Epidemiology, Case of the Month)

This site page will be updated quarterly.

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