Synonym and Classification Data for Pleospora spp.

This genus is an ascomycetous mould.

Synonyms and Teleomorph-Anamorph Relationships

This genus is a teleomorph of Phoma
This genus is a teleomorph of Stemphylium

Notes on this Genus

Pleospora and Lewia are two separate ascomycetous sexual genera. The species infectoria was transferred from Pleospora to Lewia in part because it produces an Alternaria asexual form (anamorph). In the genus Pleospora (sexual), none of the species have asexual forms that are classified in the asexual genus Alternaria. The fungus that caused human disease was never given its own species name in the genus and species Lewia infectoria. This is why it is often called the Alternaria anamorph of Lewia infectoria.

Species in this genus

  • Pleospora infectoria (obsolete)

    This obsolete species is a synonym of Lewia infectoria