Link, 1809

Macroscopic morphology

Colonies on potato dextrose agar at 25°C are grayish-turquoise to deep green with yellow central areas due to cleistothecial production. Reverse is pale yellow to pale brown.

Microscopic morphology

Hyphae are septate and hyaline. Conidial heads are radiate to loosely columnar. Conidiophores are 200-350 µm in length, are smooth walled and uncolored to pale brown. Vesicles are globose to subglobose, 15-30 µm in diameter, and are uniseriate. Phialides cover the upper portion of the vesicle. Conidia are globose to subglobose, finely roughened to echinulate, and measure 3.5-6.5 µm in diameter. Cleistothecia are yellow, thin-walled, globose, measure 75-125 µm in diameter, and are usually covered with red hyphae. Asci are 8-spored; ascospores are mature within 2-3 weeks and are hyaline, smooth to slightly roughened, have a prominent equatorial furrow, and measure 6-7×3.5-5 µm. The teleomorph (sexual form) is Eurotium herbarium (Wiggers) Link[531, 1215, 1875, 2202].

Special notes

Several other Eurotium species (teleomorphs of Aspergillus spp. in the A. glucose Group) are occasionally recovered in the laboratory. Differentiation between species may require examination of the ascospores using scanning electron microscopy. For this reason, laboratories often report isolates as belonging to the Aspergillus glucose Group without further defining the species. Usually no or restricted growth at 35°C. Group is osmophilic (better growth with 20% sucrose) and some species are strongly xerophilic. There are occasional reports of hypersensitivity pneumonitis[2474] and cutaneous disease[1607]. Mycotoxins are also produced [424].

FTL* in vitro susceptibility data

0.5 µg/ml=2 0.03 µg/ml=1 0.03 µg/ml=1 0.125 µg/ml=1 0.125 µg/ml=1 64 µg/ml=1
1.0 µg/ml=1 1.0 µg/ml=1 0.06 µg/ml=1 0.25 µg/ml=1 >8 µg/ml=1 >64 µg/ml=1
16 µg/ml=1 0.125 µg/ml=1 0.5 µg/ml=1
0.25 µg/ml=1


Drug/N AMB/3 CAS/3 ITRA/4 VORI/3
MIC Range 0.5-1.0 0.03-16 0.03-0.25 0.125-0.5

* Fungus Testing Laboratory unpublished data (NCCLS M38-A)