>(Kufferath) C.E. Skinner (1950)

Macroscopic morphology

Colonies on Sabouraud dextrose agar at 25°C are cream to pink to tan. The texture is smooth and glossy and frequently slimy allowing the colony to run down the slant or into the lid of Petri dishes stored media side up.

Microscopic morphology

On cornmeal following 72 hours incubation at 25°C, only blastoconidia are present.

Special notes

This isolate is urease positive but fails to grow at 37°C and gives a negative nitrate reaction [1270]. The type strain was isolated from palm wine. Human cases include disseminated disease to the CNS and skin in an immune competent adult male [2338], fungemia in a neonate [429], fungemia in a cancer patient refractory to fluconazole therapy [143], and infection of the oropharynx in a leukemia patient [203].

FTL* in vitro susceptibility data

0.125 µg/ml=1 1.0 µg/ml=1 <0.015 µg/ml=1 <0.015 µg/ml=1
0.25 µg/ml=2 2.0 µg/ml=3 0.03 µg/ml=1 0.03 µg/ml=1
0.5 µg/ml=2 4.0 µg/ml=2 0.25 µg/ml=1
1.0 µg/ml=1 16 µg/ml=1