Synonym and Classification Data for Rhinotrichum spp.

This genus name is obsolete.
It is considered nom. dub.

This genus is a mould that lacks a known sexual state and thus belongs to the Fungi Imperfecti.

Notes on this Genus

Nomen dubium means that the application of the name is uncertain because of the poor description of the fungus. The genus Rhinotrichum Corda 1837 is an invalid name and can not be used to house species. In this case, the two species are listed as obsolete names (synonyms) under the two valid species names. The generic name Rhinotricum is invalid and could be listed as a nom. dub. under the generic name of one of the two genera that contain the valid species where the obsolete species names are now listed. We would place it under the first species name decribed when the genus Rhinotrichum was first described in the literature.

Species in this genus

  • Rhinotrichum beurmannii (obsolete)

    This obsolete species is a synonym of Sporothrix schenckii

  • Rhinotrichum multisporum (obsolete)

    This obsolete species is a synonym of Ramichloridium schulzeri