(Jorgensen) FC Harrison (1928)

Macroscopic morphology

Colonies on Sabouraud dextrose agar at 25°C are orange to pink to coral and are smooth to rugoid and dull to glistening.

Microscopic morphology

On cornmeal following 72 hours incubation at 25°C, only globose yeast cells are produced (2.5-10 µm in diameter) [1270].

Special notes

This isolate is urease positive, nitrate negative and has negative growth on cycloheximide or at 40°C. This isolate has been reported as perhaps the only isolate to cause human infection [1270]. Reports in the literature include aortic homograft endocarditis [1401] while FTL cultures have been recovered from blood. This species was incorrectly renamed to Rhodotorula rubra but this is not a valid species and the name reverted to R. mucilaginosa [220].

FTL* in vitro susceptibility data

0.125 µg/ml=1 8.0 µg/ml=7 &gt64 µg/ml=11 4.0 µg/ml=1 4.0 µg/ml=2 0.5 µg/ml=3 0.25 µg/ml=1
0.25 µg/ml=7 &gt8.0 µg/ml=1 8.0 µg/ml=5 8.0 µg/ml=6 1.0 µg/ml=5 0.5 µg/ml=1
0.5 µg/ml=4 &gt8.0 µg/ml=1 &gt8.0 µg/ml=1 2.0 µg/ml=1
1.0 µg/ml=1
Drug/N AMB/13 CAS/8 FLU/11 ITRA/7 POSA/3 VORI/9 KETO/5
MIC Range 0.125-1.0 8.0->8.0 >64 4.0->8.0 0.25->2.0 4.0->8.0 0.5-1.0
MIC50 0.25 * >64 * * *

* Fungus Testing Laboratory unpublished data (CLSI M27-A2)