Salvanet-Duvalin (1935)

Macroscopic morphology

Colonies on potato dextrose agar at 25°C are initially white, become gray to grayish-black at maturity, have a moderate growth rate, and are somewhat floccose.

Microscopic morphology

Hyphae are septate and hyaline. Conidiophores may occur singly or in penicillate groups. Annellides are approximately 5-10 x 2.5-3.5 µm, flash-shaped, and display cylindrical annellated zones varying from 0.8 — 1.5µm wide. Conidia are brown, occur in chains, have a truncate base, measure 4.0-5.5 x 3.5-4.5 µm, are subglobose, and mostly rough-walled [531] [2202], [1584].

Special notes

Scopulariopsis brumptii has been reported as an agent of hypersensitivity pneumonitis in an addict [903].

FTL* in vitro susceptibility data

8 µg/ml=1 8 µg/ml=1 0.03 µg/ml=1 1 µg/ml=1
>16 µg/ml=1 >8 µg/ml=1 2 µg/ml=1
MIC Range
Drug/N AMB/2 CAS/1 ITRA/2 VORI/2
8->16 8 0.03-8 1-2

* Fungus Testing Laboratory unpublished data (NCCLS M38-A)