Guého & M.Th. Smith (Guého et al. 1992b)

Macroscopic morphology

Colonies on Sabouraud dextrose agar at 25°C are cream colored, glistening, strongly elevated and become cerebriform in the center but maintain smooth margins. The agar often cracks adjacent to the colony. Colony size is 13-17 mm after 7 days incubation.

Microscopic morphology

On cornmeal following 72 hours incubation at 25°C, it produces true hyphae that disarticulate into rectangular arthroconidia. Appressoria are not formed [928, 1270].

Special notes

This isolate is urease positive, grows on media containing cycloheximide and at 37°C, but fails to grow at 42°C. The type strain was isolated from the CSF of a patient with meningitis. It has been involved in a cluster of cases in children associated with a faulty bronchoscope[2112], recovered from a heart and kidney transplant recipient[1635], and in infection in premature newborns[854]. Other unpublished isolations are from pubic white piedra, sputum, skin lesions, and blood. This species is the most frequent associated with disseminated disease[925]. The species also biotransforms biphenyl with the formation of novel ring cleavage products[2103].

FTL* in vitro susceptibility data

0.06 µg/ml=1 &lt0.0015 µg/ml=1 0.25 µg/ml=1 4.0 µg/ml=1 0.03 µg/ml=1 0.06 µg/ml=1 8.0 µg/ml=1
0.25 µg/ml=4 0.03 µg/ml=1 0.5 µg/ml=1 &gt64 µg/ml=1 0.25 µg/ml=1 0.25 µg/ml=1 16 µg/ml=1
0.5 µg/ml=1 0.125 µg/ml=2 1.0 µg/ml=1 0.5 µg/ml=1 32 µg/ml=1
1.0 µg/ml=1 2.0 µg/ml=2
2.0 µg/ml=1 8.0 µg/ml=1


Drug/N AMB/8 ITRA/4 FLU/6 5FC/2 VORI/3 KETO/2 CAS/3
MIC Range 0.06-2.0 <0.015-0.125 0.25-8.0 4.0->64 0.03-0.5 0.06-0.25 8.0-32

* Fungus Testing Laboratory unpublished data (CLSI M27-A2)